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Metal Fabrication Job for Stanford University’s BICEP3


Last July, we received a message from a graduate student at Stanford University, who needed help with metal fabrication job.
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Quality: A Must for Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles


About 8 years ago, we started getting inquiries for structural steel components and assemblies for building projects in the greater Los Angeles area. When it comes to metal and structural fabrication in Los Angeles, there are a lot of quality considerations that need to be taken into account.
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Small Fillet Weld on Aluminum Parts


Recently, I received a call from a regular, long term customer of our Anaheim metal fabrication shop. It seems he needed a small fillet weld on some aluminum parts. What’s interesting about this job is that smaller welds are not usually the case.
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Solving Challenges for Customers. It’s What We Do


As a metal fabrication shop in Anaheim, our capabilities and projects usually consist of metal fabrication, welding & machining in the Southern California area. When you are in the metal fabrication business, you’re in the customer service business.
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Introducing the Pendarvis Manufacturing Blog


For over 30 years, Pendarvis Manufacturing has been solving manufacturing challenges for companies and individuals in Southern California (where we’re from) but also all over the map. We take pride in the work we’ve done.
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